Now that you’re newly-engaged, you might be wondering whether or not you should have your engagement photos taken like the other soon-to-be brides and grooms in your circle. After all, engagement shoots (also known as e-sessions or prenup photoshoots) have become a must among couples over the past few years. As a wedding photographer, I highly encourage it.

Some couples might say, “Why bother?” or “What’s the use?”, but for me, having your engagement photos is as important as having your wedding photos on your wedding day. At this stage in your life, you’re filled with great anticipation, joy, and love; it’s a perfect time to capture these moments before you enter a new life together. Plus, it’s your chance to be photographed professionally as a couple.

Here are six reasons why you should definitely invest in having your engagement photos taken by a professional wedding photographer:

  1. A Chance to Know Your Photographer

Your photographer is much more than the gears he will carry on your wedding day. This person will be with you all day, capturing moments and details that would be preserved for you to look back in the future. The photographer will be there to record one of the most important days of your life, and you don’t want to waste that by feeling awkward in front of your photographer. E-sessions are the perfect time to build a good rapport with your photographer, so you can shake off all the awkwardness and make yourself comfortable around this person and in front of the lens.

2. Get More Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Photo: Creative Panda Photography

Your engagement session will also serve as your practice shoot before the big day. On your wedding day, there’s a great possibility that you will be surrounded with a lot of cameras, not just the one that you’re photographer will be using. If you’re camera shy, the e-session is a great opportunity to grow more comfortable with each other in front of the camera. You will learn how to calm yourself down, so you can pose naturally and avoid looking stiff.

3. To Allow Your Photographer to get to Know You

Having your engagement photos taken also lets your photographer get to know you more. It will serve as a great trial run for him/ her. It allows the photographer to see how you interact with your partner, learn about your personalities, and how much direction you’ll need, especially on your wedding day. As the client, it’s also a chance for you to let the photographer know what your preferences are, such as the angles, expressions, or editing styles that you like or don’t like.

4. Learning to Trust the Finished Output

Photo: Creative Panda Photography

Like any other investments, you’ll only see the finished product only after the wedding. It’s nerve-racking despite the fact that you’ve already seen the previous works of your photographer. What if your own photos don’t look like his/her other works? With a prenup photoshoot, your mind will be at eased as you already have an idea of how you will look like when photographed professionally with your partner. If you happen to love the images from your e-session, chances are you’ll also love your wedding photos.

5. Preserve the Brief Time of Anticipation

Photo: Creative Panda Photography

How time flies so fast, especially when you are engaged! From a dating couple to a married one, this time won’t last forever… unless you want to preserve these memories through your engagement photos. Let this be a moment to express yourselves and reconnect to one another. Get beautiful and have flattering photos of you taken while this magical moment lasts. Pick locations that have significant meaning to your relationship or do something that both of you enjoy.

6. Engagement Photos are Pretty Useful

Your photos are more than just decorations on your wall. Most clients use their engagement photos in save-the-date cards, wedding website setup, guest book cover, coffee table photo book, and even in wedding giveaways.

I love engagement sessions! They allow me to show you how I can work with you on a one-on-one level and showcase how I can make your wedding day more memorable. If I am to decide, I would love every couple to have one.

Are you ready to have your engagement photos taken? If you’re convinced, go on and book your e-session.

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