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For out-of-town wedding coverage that takes the team a minimum of 2 days (inclusive of travel days) work, we require an extra fee which is 25% of the package availed or total cost if clients avail both our photo and video packages.

Our time is valuable, and since we will not be able to do any shoots or accept clients on those extra days we will be with you, we lose out on any potential income. The out-of-town fee compensates for that.

YES. We highly encourage you to do that, so we can have an idea on how you want the product to turn out. The best way to do this is to research the theme, location, and the desired poses you want to make beforehand. You can send your suggestions to [email protected] or you can shoot us a quick message via Facebook. You can also bring print outs of your suggestions on the day for our reference.

No, we don’t provide the props or styling of the set. But we can recommend stylists to do that for you, or you can bring your own stylist if you happen to know one. We only perform the creative direction of the shoot and the act of shooting itself.

We start our coverage during makeups and preparation (that is approximately 6 hours more or less before the wedding ceremony) until the reception ends.  That would be more or less 10 hours covering your event.  We don’t mind not including us in your tables but at least a decent meal will be very much appreciated.  This will fuel us more to capture the moments on your special day.

We don’t mind guest photographers during the event. But having another set of professional photographers during the event is another story and a big NO. This will only result to confusion and misunderstandings.

We have mastered our itineraries and time management on the details of the event. We don’t want pulling subjects with other photographers. We market the quality and creativity of our photos and can’t afford to be distracted. Remember, events, weddings specifically will not have second chances especially on candid moments.

It will depend on the package and event. A regular wedding package usually has a minimum of 2 crews. At least 1 professional photographer, 1 lightsman or assistant. The number will increase depending on the agreed inclusions such as on-sites (photo slideshow) and other extra services. The number of crew will be confirmed and agreed during the meeting with the clients.

All of our prenuptial shoots are half day and most last for 3 hours only. A complete Audio Visual Presentation (one song) MTV will need a maximum of 35 photos. For a half day or 3 hours prenuptial shoot, we capture an average of 300 photos more or less for one photographer. Normally, one to two photographers will cover the shoot (depending on the chosen package) and will have an average of 500 photos more or less. More than enough for the AVP.

If planned ahead, the half day or 3-hour shoot will be long enough for 2 to 3 venues. The key factors for a successful shoot are: knowing what to shoot, creating the concepts beforehand, and getting the couple’s full cooperation.

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