Creative Panda strives to capture beautiful moments in beautiful settings. We work with just about anyone who has the creative flair to take our photos to the next level. We have a fair share of these people in our circle and would like to recommend their services if you still haven’t found your prop stylist yet.

Hi, we’re Synco Creatives, a prop styling team of five who loves to tell stories through art. Forming this group was a natural progression from being fine art graduates ourselves. Back in college, it was our goal to graduate together. Today, we make it our goal to change the world hand in hand again.

As artists, we love beautiful imagery and have a romantic affection for all things earthy and whimsical. We have a penchant for anything vintage and careworn for this reminds us of a passage of time we yearn to relive.

We are at our happiest when we create things by hand. The need to create a certain aesthetic from scratch is like air to our lungs; it makes us more alive! There’s no request that’s too weird for us. We jumped right on it like it’s the last train home.

We believe every photograph has a narrative and an emotional connection to its viewer. It’s our mission to unlock the aspects of that connection by picking and creating the right elements. Let us help you tell that story!

Synco Creatives can help you meet all your photo styling, prop designing, and conceptualization needs in Cebu City, Philippines. We are also open to travelling! Our services and rates depend on the details of the project, so please do not hesitate to contact us at 09177088958 or message us on Facebook.

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