Wedding photographers aren’t created equal.

Still searching for your wedding photographer?

With so many talented wedding photographers out there, it can be difficult to sift through them and choose the one that’s going to breathe life into your wedding photos.

I know it’s kind of tempting to just hire whoever just to get over with the task at hand! But let me tell you this. You just can’t hire anyone to photograph your wedding; you need to find a professional who can perfectly capture your style and needs. Professional wedding photography is a tricky subject in wedding planning; therefore, a lot of thinking should be devoted into this.

Wedding photographers aren’t created equal. Every photographer’s style is different, so don’t expect the same results from different photographers- even if you’re choosing from the top wedding photographers in your area.

FYI, there are actually different wedding photography styles that different photographers use. Hence, you need to determine which style you think will be a perfect fit for you. This will immensely help you choose the perfect photographer who will encapsulate your dream wedding into precious mementos.

Here are some of the most popular wedding photography styles that you can choose from:

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Cebu Wedding Photographer
Photo: Creative Panda Photography

The “fine art style” of wedding photography is more than just documenting the day. Fine art wedding photographers aim to create art all while making sure they document the story that’s unfolding in front of them. Most fine art photographers have a background in art (that’s me!) and pay great attention to aesthetics and the final product they deliver to their clients.

They can turn moments into art gallery pieces. They know how to look for artistic angles, unique perspectives, and creative compositions. And while doing these things, they never fail to provide beautiful candid shots that truly capture the emotions of the day. If you’re looking forward to displaying your wedding photo in a massive frame on your wall, hiring photographers who practice this style might be a good choice.


Cebu Wedding Photographer
Photo: Creative Panda Photography

Are you afraid of looking at stiff images of yourself after exchanging your ‘I do’s’?

I’ve seen people who find wedding photography poses something that’s out of their comfort zone. This sometimes shows in their photos. Nervous smiles, stiff poses, rigid hands- to a trained eye, they’re quite obvious.

If you find yourself sweating under your expensive suit or gown when posing for shots, then you might find the photojournalistic style a perfect fit for you.

A photojournalistic wedding photography style is what we commonly know as candid wedding photography. It’s all about taking candid shots of people in the middle of the action without the photographer influencing the story or directing the shots. Photographers who use photojournalism excel at capturing the story of your wedding unobtrusively.

Cebu Wedding Photographer
Photo: Creative Panda Photography


The downside of this is that when you hire a photographer that only shoots purely journalistic, he might not pay that much attention to the details or think about creative wedding photography shots.

Traditional/ Classic

Cebu Wedding Photographer
Photo: Creative Panda Photography

Remember those posed photos in your parent’s wedding album?

We’ll the Classic Wedding Photography style isn’t your parent’s wedding photography, but it kind of is. The traditional wedding photography is all about classic posed images. Photographers make sure they are able to capture the staples, but will capture them for you with art and grace in mind.

Traditional wedding photographers typically focus on capturing the details that are most important in your wedding, such as family photos, decorations, and other images you typically include in a shot list. They give the classic poses a modern spin to suit the current generation.

Moreover, most classic wedding photographers spend about 40% of the day creating classic shots of the couple, wedding entourage, and family, while the other 60% is spent on documenting the event as it naturally happens. This is the most relaxed approach among other styles, and arguably the most popular.


Cebu Wedding Photographer
Photo: Creative Panda Photography

If you dream of being featured in an editorial magazine, such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, then you might like to be photographed in this kind of style. There’s an increased interest in this style from many wedding photographers as this is an art form in of itself.

Photographers have the freedom to shoot creatively with over the top set-up and composition. Much like the fine art style, editorial photographers will mainly focus on the details, like the decor, flowers, and the couple’s fashion. It’s going to be more about creating stunning, beautiful images rather than telling the story of the day. Hence, you won’t find candid moments when choosing this style of wedding photography.

Film Photography Style (Digital)

Cebu Wedding Photographer

This is easily my personal favorite. It’s a newer style and has a moody feel to it (think about VSCO-ish photos). It mimics film imagery that gives off a rich and dramatic atmosphere to the images.

There’s a new breed of photographers who want to emulate the look of film with their digital photos. That said, the use of presets that emulate different films from the past has become a trend. Images that are edited this way are like still shots from a movie. Most photos in this style come out as dark or vintage, like it was captured from a different age. Although this style isn’t for everyone, film photography is an art in itself and offers an interesting perspective of your wedding day.

Creative Panda’s Photography Style?

I like to describe Creative Panda’s Photography style as hybrid. My style is a mix of Fine Art, Classic, and Film Photography.

I pay a lot of attention to detail, while effectively telling a story by capturing the true emotions through my photography. I love to create artistic compositions that you’d cherish and be proud for all the world to see.

Although I blend well during key moments in the ceremony and reception, I will also give you a few directions during our photo sessions.

Looking for a professional Cebu Wedding Photographer in Cebu City, Philippines? Like my style? Then, we can work together! Let Creative Panda Photography capture the surreal moments on your wedding day. Contact us today.

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